HIRN Gearing – 40 Years of Experience

michael stadlerDipl.-Ing. Michael Stadler MBA
Managing director Stadler Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
In summer 1985 Helmut Hirn establish a engineering office in Dusslingen (Germany) / Baden-Württemberg. This engineering office was specialised to optimisation of spur gearing and our customers are famous companies in germany, europe and beyond as well. Noise and performance optimisation of gear tooth and the development of special gear mechanism is the focal point of the company. Development, distribution and maintenance of the software HIRNWARE (now KISSsoft-HIRNware) as well as training courses of gear box engineering rounding our range of services offered. 

His voluminous expert knowledge and his 40-odd years experience in mechanical engineering and in drive technology is the basee for our development team.
Future-oriented with a young, dynamic and innovative team, the company "HIRN Verzahnungen" establish to a high-tech service provider for the total range of drive systems and components. "HIRN Verzahnungen" was taken over by Stadler Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG at 01.01.2008.

Today we are contemporary present with innovation and redevelopments in the range of software, services and as well in gear box hardware. As a subsequent operation of the well-known software HIRNWARE we successful design and establish the new windows version "KISSsoft - HIRNware" to design gearings. 

With some of our new unsalable software modules we have a scope on special gear units. For our customers we calculate and construct out-of-centre, crown wheel, wolfrom, excenter, differential, axial and radial wobble plate gear boxes. 

With our newest developments (protected by letters patent) we are able to identify and have graphical presentations about the tooth shape and intervention proportion of circular gear boxes (harmonic drive principle). Our novel gear box for highest ratio on lowest installation space enabled the transmission of very high turning moments.

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