KISSsoft Add On – KISSsys

KISSsys is KISSsoft's system add-on that enables the user to model complete gear units and drive trains. KISSsys is used in many different sectors, such as: automobile and wind power industries, manufacturing of agricultural machinery, power tools, industrial gear units, and much more.

KISSsoft calculates the service life and strength of the different machine elements, and transfers the results to KISSsys, where they are displayed in clear overviews. To achieve this, KISSsys brings together kinematic analysis, service life calculation, 3D graphics, and user-defined tables and dialogs.

Functionalities at a glance:

  • Gear unit types with cylindrical, bevel, hypoid, worm, or face gear toothing
  • Epicyclic gear sets with any power split and power distribution (Ravigneaux, cylindrical gear differentials, etc.)
  • Modeling with simple or coaxial shafts
  • Sizing functions for toothing, shafts and bear-ings, calculation of the maximum transmissible torque, etc.
  • Modeling and calculation of transmission gear-boxes with different power paths
  • Definition of load spectra taking switch setting into account, and the possibility to process al-most an unlimited number of load spectra
  • Collision check with the housing, and shaft ar-rangements
  • Calculation of relative position of bevel gears
  • Export and import functions for exchanging re-sults and data between, for example, KISSsys and FEM

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