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Design software for mechanical engineering applications
KISSsoft is a program for sizing, optimizing and recalculating designs for machine components such as gears, shafts and bearings, screws, springs, joining elements and belts. The product can also be integrated in all popular CAD programs.

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Sizing calculations are available for all common gear types (cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, helical gears, hypoid gears, and crown gears). For cylindrical gears, the software also works with planetary sets and gear racks. In addition to a feature for reviewing calculations with respect to standards (ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, Klingelnberg), the program also offers a number of different design and optimization functions.

Shafts, bearings
Sizing calculations for shafts and bearings are integrated, i.e., a built-in graphic shaft editor uses the defined shaft geometry, mounting and loads as a basis for performing sizing calculations for roller and friction bearings, for verifying strength according to DIN or FKM standards, and for calculating bending lines, buckling loads, rpms critical to bending and torsional behavior, tooth profile deformation of shaft-mounted gears, and curves for power, force and mechanical stress.

KISSsoft is a software package to perform sizing calculations for machine elements
Joining elements
In addition to screws and bolts, this category also includes shaft-hub connections, feather keys, press fit, splines, etc.

Relevant DIN methods, including databases on standard springs and materials and, of course, helpful design functions, are available for performing sizing calculations on the five most important types of springs.

A number of different calculation methods based on manufacturer data are available for belts; sizing calculations for chains are based on DIN standards.

This page provides engineers with modules for performing general calculations (tolerance, hardness, Hertz load)

CAD interfaces
Interfaces to common CAD programs make it easier to create 2D and 3D drawings of gears, which would otherwise be a very time-consuming process.

KISSsoft Add On – KISSsys

KISSsys is KISSsoft's system add-on that enables the user to model complete gear units and drive trains. KISSsys is used in many different sectors, such as: automobile and wind power industries, manufacturing of agricultural machinery, power tools, industrial gear units, and much more.

KISSsoft calculates the service life and strength of the different machine elements, and transfers the results to KISSsys, where they are displayed in clear overviews. To achieve this, KISSsys brings together kinematic analysis, service life calculation, 3D graphics, and user-defined tables and dialogs.

Functionalities at a glance:

  • Gear unit types with cylindrical, bevel, hypoid, worm, or face gear toothing
  • Epicyclic gear sets with any power split and power distribution (Ravigneaux, cylindrical gear differentials, etc.)
  • Modeling with simple or coaxial shafts
  • Sizing functions for toothing, shafts and bear-ings, calculation of the maximum transmissible torque, etc.
  • Modeling and calculation of transmission gear-boxes with different power paths
  • Definition of load spectra taking switch setting into account, and the possibility to process al-most an unlimited number of load spectra
  • Collision check with the housing, and shaft ar-rangements
  • Calculation of relative position of bevel gears
  • Export and import functions for exchanging re-sults and data between, for example, KISSsys and FEM

KISSsoft – Training and Consulting

Nothing replaces personal contact, particularly in our industry. Many things are easiest to discuss face to face. To create these opportunities we offer training courses and seminars direct transfer of knowledge, so to speak. And we are present at numerous events and fairs. Here our priority is to promote the exchange of information and to remain true to our motto, which is, "share knowledge".

Training Courses:
As mechanical engineer you are often confronted with complex technical issues: Specialized know-how and skill with calculation tools are the crucial medium for working out the best solutions. You can extend your skills in these areas in our training courses, which are conducted by certified specialists. Depending on the knowledge level or subject area you can choose from standard training or specific content-deepening trainings. Upon request we also organize in-company training courses.

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