A HIRN DRIVE® Variation

hirn drive engineering

  • extreme small construction dimensions
  • little mass moment of inertia
  • respectable reduced weight
  • extreme high gear reductions
  • zero-play operation

Mathematical analysis of gear tooth systems

hirn drive mathematik

We dissolve the complex difficulty of engagement and shift by circular differential gear boxes as seen on left figure. The tooth shapes can be calculate algebraical proper and put into graphs. Accordingly the tooth shape and the engagement will be calculated, designed and put into graphs by our software "KISSsoft-Hirnware". For this reason it is possible to construct planetary gears with noise and performance optimised hybrid tooth shapes. The geometry of the gear tooth system can be checked for meshing interference by roll off simulation.

The mathematical beginnings of the novel process to have a accurate determination of tooth shape bring forth a substantial industrial property protection.

Projects / Application Range

hirnware hirndrive

  • Car Industry:
    chair regulation, damper flap, flap drive for climate control unit, windscreen wiper, power window lift, central locking system, antenna actuator, mirror adjustment.
  • Precision mechanics:
    standard actuating drive, kitchen equipment, medical facility, drive mechanism for wheel chair, door actuation, office machine etc.

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