HIRN Gearing – Engineering of Gears

michael stadlerDipl.-Ing. Michael Stadler MBA
Managing director Stadler Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Our team with experts of gear units and gear tooth systems are confronted every day with extensive problems of the topic drive systems and components. Everytime with the slogan of the unforgotten pope of gear tooth by name Helumt Hirn, we just start at the point where others end already. Particulary the industry of automotive resort to our unique experience of gear tooth, to become gear boxes soften, lighter, cheaper and wearless.

With every problem the complexity and the know-how of our evaluation software KISSsoft-HIRNware rise. As the market leader in this sector we can offer this powerful evaluation software complemental to our engineering performances. You are able to order custom-made seminars everytime, just ask us.

The portfolio of our gear manufacturing you will find on: www.antriebselemente.com

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